Classic Cars dealership in Salzburg, Austria. The car dealer offers restored classic cars, modern classics and sports cars of all kind. Car Loft also provides car storage services for any given requirements such as winter hibernation.


Obligatory information according §5 par. 1 E-Commerce Law (ECG)

Media proprietor: Mr. Robert Schatteiner
Company: Car Loft Fahrzeughandels- und Vermietungs GmbH
Address: Am Schwarzenberg 3
Post code, place: A-5323 Ebenau, Austria
Phone: +43 662 854070
Fax: +43 662 854071
Management: Mr. Robert Schatteiner
Type of enterprise: sale of motor vehicles
Basic intentio: presentation of the company-owned products and services
Company register nbr.: 245064p
Company register court: Landesgericht Salzburg
Authority acc. ECG: Bezirkshauptmannschaft Salzburg-Umgebung
UID (VAT identification) nbr.: ATU57707869
Bank data: Account nbr. 227 023 619
Bank code 55000
Bank: HYPO Salzburg


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