Classic Cars dealership in Salzburg, Austria. The car dealer offers restored classic cars, modern classics and sports cars of all kind. Car Loft also provides car storage services for any given requirements such as winter hibernation.

Vehicle – Storage / Overwintering

We certainly know that you would much prefer to park your „darling“ in your drawing room. But believe us, Car Loft will look after your car very well, too!

Car Loft offers the owners of sports- and vintage cars the option to put their vehicle into a dry, clean and heated vehicle hall. The air humidity in the Car Loft vintage-car hall is 30% permanently. Experts of vintage cars advise, never to expose a rare car to an air humidity of more than 50%. Our standards are clearly lower than this – to your vintage car’s advantage.

Car Loft vintage car storage:

Winter package:
Includes storage fee for 6 months, increase of tyre pressure.
€ 600.- incl.VAT
All year package:
Includes storage fee for 12 months, increase of tyre pressure.
€ 1,080.- incl.VAT
Battery service: for 6 months
Regular recharging as well as keeping the battery “fresh”, including refilling of battery water.
Price for 6 months
€ 70.- including VAT
Jacking up:
In order to take the load off the coils and tyres.
Flat rate for 6 months
€ 180.- incl. VAT
Cleaning package:
Includes interior cleaning, hand washing, paintwork polishing at storage and final cleaning upon delivery.
€ 240.- incl. VAT


Furthermore, minor repair- and maintenance jobs can be done during the vintage car’s overwintering on request. For major works, the vehicles are transported in a closed car transport trailer to the relevant vintage car experts and professionals and back.

Car Loft makes the preservation of your vintage car easy: you bring your car in autumn and pick it up again in spring, clean and ready to start. Enjoy the luxury just to get in and drive away – without worrying about empty batteries, flat tyres, dusty paintwork, rust and other technical problems.

Contact us, we will gladly inform you personally about our individual service offers!

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